We stayed in the Pokemon Room at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori Hotel, and here is what we think

Jan 08, 2024

We stayed in the Pokemon Room at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori Hotel, and here is what we think

We stayed in the Pokemon Room at Mimaru Hotel, and here's what we think

Japan doesn’t go half-way when it comes to Pokemon; from Pokemon stores to the Pikachu Outbreak events in Yokohama, the country always has something related to these cute monsters. You can find cute Pokemon manholes across the countries, and the latest Pokemon trend in Japan is perhaps the Pokemon Rooms at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori Hotel.

MIMARU Hotel is one of the biggest hotel and apartment hotel chains in Japan, and Pokemon fans now can stay at the Pokemon-themed room at some of their hotels.

In this feature, we’ll share our experience staying at Pokemon Room at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori Hotel!

When we booked the room

Hotel Tokyo Hatchobori

We booked our room from Mimaru Hotel’s official website, and the rate for that weekend was around 50,000-70,000 yen per night. The hotels that have Pokemon Rooms are apartment hotels, so the breakfast was not included in the fee.

Once we’re done checking in ourselves into the hotel, the receptionist gave us a gift set containing an eco bag, a luggage tag, and a welcome card.

Welcome To the Pokemon Room at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori!

Pokemon Room

Once we entered the room, we were greeted by a Pokemon-themed mirror, and Snorlax’s footprints. The room also has a small kitchen, refrigerator, and a microwave.

Pokemon Room at Mimaru Hotel Tokyo

As we went further into the room, we found a Pokemon-themed living room, which is decorated with Pokemon ornaments. The living room’s table has a giant Pokeball print on it. The wallpaper has Pokeball and Pokemon motifs on it. If you’re familiar with Pokemons, you’ll see Mew, Jolteon, Metapod, Diglett,  Paras, Tangela, Squirtle, Magikarp, and Dragonite.

Mimaru Hotel

On the other side of the room, you can see Moltres, Electrode, Pikachu’s butt, Koffing, and Magnemite. There are also two bunk beds, so this room can accommodate up to six people at a time.

The main highlight of this room is the giant fluffy Snorlax, which sits on the bed waiting for you to hug him. We thought the Snorlax wouldn’t be that heavy, but once we tried to lift him up, we realized that he’s quite heavy.

We tried hugging him, and even though we’re pretty big, the Snorlax is still way much bigger than our bodies. Since he’s so big! We had to move him off the bed to make sure we have space to sleep later.

We also opened the kitchen drawers and found these Pokeball-themed tablewares, which we could use to serve food and drinks during our stay.

A Pokemon-themed recipe is also provided; all you have to do is to scan the QR code and buy the ingredients from the nearest convenience stores or supermarkets!

However, it was already late, and we’re too lazy to cook, so we didn’t try any of the recipes provided.

The next morning, we decided to play around with the big Snorlax!

In this picture, you can see him chilling in the bed while stalking our Facebook!

In this picture, we tucked him in so he looks like he’s sleeping in peace!

If you love Snorlax, you know that he likes to sleep and eat, so we put an empty bag of scone, and an empty jasmine tea pack on his belly!


Overall, our experience staying in the Pokemon Room at MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori was amazing. We expected more thrills and fun offered at the hotel, but the Pokemon-themed decorations satisfied us very well.

If you’re interested in staying there, please visit this page for more information!

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