How to eat sushi properly

Apr 24, 2020

How to eat sushi properly

Do you smear extra Wasabi on top of your sushi? Or do you dip the rice into the soy sauce and it gets over salty?

Some people use mayo, chili powder, or sweet sauce on their sushi, or mix the wasabi and soy sauce together to form a greenish-brownish paste.

Others remove the fish from the rice and enjoy them separately, but don’t you know that there is actually a proper way to eat sushi?

Sushi has its own unique table manners, which were made to show respect and gratitude to the chef, and of course, to enjoy the sushi itself to the fullest.

Today we introduce some basic manners and rules to follow so you can eat your sushi in a more proper way!

Eat your sushi the “proper” way

Instead of using chopsticks, you should pick up the sushi with your clean hands.

That way, you don’t destroy the perfect from of the sushi, which was made by the chef’s crafty and skilled hands.

To pick up sashimi and ginger, you can always use chopsticks.

The rice and the soy sauce aren’t supposed to touch each other, so tilt the sushi fish-down to apply a little bit of soy sauce.

After applying the soy sauce, place the sushi on your tongue face-down to et the full flavor and freshness of the fish.

If you want to use wasabi, use your chopsticks and put the smallest amount needed on top of the fish.

Do not mix wasabi in the soy sauce.

Eat your sushi piece in one bite. Splitting it in a half is apparently very rude to the chef, who spent time making the sushi pieces for you.

Eat ginger between sushi pieces; it’s supposed to serve as a palette cleanser. You should never eat the ginger together with the sushi.

Follow the orders for sushi eating!

To enjoy your sushi even more, try eating your sushi in a certain order.

Make sure to start with a white fish sushi, and then move onto silver sushi.

After that, try to eat the red sushi, and then onto fish with a heavier flavor like salmon and salmon roe.

To sum up your sushi time, make sure to take the fattiest fish at the end, and eat egg sushi and simple rolls before you’re ending your order.