Four areas to meet Geisha in Japan

Jun 01, 2021

Four areas to meet Geisha in Japan 01

Be it from that infamous book, or the movie, you might have heard of Geisha if you’re familiar with Japan, haven’t you?

Geisha are performers who are classically trained in a range of skills like the art of conversation, playing traditional instruments like shamisen, and traditional dances.

A lot of foreigners put meeting geisha on their bucket list when traveling to Japan, but it can be expensive and can be difficult to arrange as most places often have a referral-only policy, so walk-ins most of the time are not allowed.

In this feature, we introduce four areas to meet Geisha in Japan, where you can meet geisha during your trip!


    1. Kyoto
    2. Hakone
    3. Kazawa
    4. Tokyo

1. Kyoto

Four areas to meet Geisha in Japan 02

Kyoto is the city with the highest population of geisha, and unlike other prefectures, fully-fledged geisha are called as geiko, instead of geisha, and the geisha apprentices are called as maiko. Some of the best places to see geisha in Kyoto are Hanami-koji-dori in Gion, which is in the section between Shijo-dori and Kennin-ji Temple, and at the Shijo-dori end of Pontocho, where you can see Geisha walking towards the teahouses where they work on a daily basis.

If you have extra budgets, you might want to book private dinners with geisha at kaiseki restaurants, where you can dine with the geisha in private rooms.

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2. Hakone

Hakone is one of the areas you can meet geisha in Japan, as there are around 100 geishas living in this area, who are usually called to entertain people with dances and songs at an Ozashiki, a banquet in any traditional Japanese building with Tatami.

In Hakone-Yumoto, there is a place called Hakone Kenban. And it has known as the Geisha house, where you can see traditional geisha performances. You can take pictures with the geisha after the show ends.

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3. Kanazawa

Kanazawa is a city in Ishikawa Prefecture, and the city is best known for its historic townscapes.

The city is known as a home to Nagamachi, a legendary samurai district in Kanazawa. Walking around Nishi Chaya and Higashi Chaya districts, two famous geisha districts in the area.

In Nishi Chaya and Higashi Chaya, there are a lot of teahouses where you can meet Geisha. If you’re low on budget, you might want to stop by the Nagamachi Samurai District to test your luck.

Moreover, there is a lot of geisha passing by the area every now and then.

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4. Tokyo

Known as the capital city of Japan, Tokyo is a home to the six hanamachi districts of Tokyo.

There is a home to restaurants, teahouses, and training areas for geisha.

One of the six hanamachi districts in Tokyo is Kagurazaka, and if you’re lucky, you can see Geisha walking along the main street as they’re heading to the restaurants or teahouses to meet their customers.

Alternatively, you can always book a private dinner course with geisha at one of the restaurants in the area if you want to.

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