Visiting Mie and Nara using the KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus Day1

Oct 24, 2019

Day 1

Recently, Air Asia began to provide flight service to Nagoya from Bangkok, so this time we spent less money to visit Nagoya.
We love saving money, so this time we decided to use the KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus to travel around Mie and Nara .

First, we headed to Gozaisho, one of the most popular autumn leaves spots in Japan.

We took the train bound for Yunoyama-Onsen Station from Kintetsu Nagoya Station.

These are the ticket lockets of Kintetsu Nagoya Station.

We headed to Gozaisho from Nagoya using the following routes:

Kintetsu Nagoya Station → Kintetsu Yokaichi Station → Yunoyama-Onsen Station

We only transferred to different train on different line for once, but with KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus, you can transfer to any lines on Kintetsu Railway unlimitedly. If you use the limited express train, you need to pay the limited express fare, or purchase the limited express ticket separately.

We got off at Kintetsu Yokaichi Station and took the train bound for
Yunoyama-Onsen Station.
It was only an hour train ride from Nagoya.

We arrived at Yunoyama-Onsen Station.

Google maps:https://goo.gl/maps/GBYvQZidwok

We took the bus bound for Gozaisho from Yunoyama-Onsen Station since both locations are pretty far from each other.

You can get on this bus for free by showing your KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus.

There are not many buses run for this line, so make sure to check the bus schedule beforehand.

It took around ten minutes to reach our destination: Gozaisho.

Google maps:https://goo.gl/maps/4rpxUDxaGMU2

You have to take the ropeway to reach the summit.

Gozaisho Ropeway


The scenery along our way to the summit were impressive, but the scenery we saw from above at the summit were on another level and astonishingly gorgeous.

You can also take the lift from the summit to go even further to the corner of the mountains.

We were scared to get on the lift, but apparently we enjoyed our lift ride as it allowed us to take many beautiful pictures from above.

We also enjoyed Gozaisho’s nature, a great photo spot for your Instagram!

Gozaisho is known for its great snow powder. The snow falls during winter, and we recommend visiting it in the winter if you love ski and sleds!

The summit has a restaurant, and we had our lunch there.

After exploring and enjoying Gozaisho, we headed to Matsusaka city.


Yunoyama – Onsen Station → Kintetsu Yokaichi Station → Matsusaka Station

It took around 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach Matsusaka Station from Yunoyama-Onsen Station.

Kintetsu Matsusaka Station is located in the same building with JR Matsusaka Station.

We visited the Matsusaka Castle Ruins in Matsusaka city.

Google maps:https://goo.gl/maps/2uCoAnw5k3R2

The castle ruins are accessible on foot from the station, around 10-minute walk.

We strongly recommend visiting the castle ruins if you love castles.

We took a look at an alley right beside the castle ruins, and found a gorgeous traditional Japanese house standing at the corner of it.

Apparently, Japanese soldiers used to live in this house a long time ago.

Google maps:https://goo.gl/maps/iCbLpr5QVqt

We could have visited and take a look around the house if we came a little earlier.

After strolling around Matsusaka city, we headed to our next destination, Nabana no Sato.

Nabana no Sato is known for its massive and gorgeous illumination.


Take the train bound for Kuwana Station from Matsusaka Station and change to the local train. Get off at Kintetsu Nagashima Station.

Take the bus departing from Kintetsu Nagashima Station for 10 minutes (since the traffic is more crowded in the evening, it might take longer).

*The bus departs from Kintetsu Nagashima Station during illumination

*The bus departs from Kintetsu Kuwana Station when there is no illumination (takes around 20 minutes)

We arrived at Nabana no Sato!


Google maps:https://goo.gl/maps/8J4KU31XHrJ2

Admission: Adult 2,300 yen (1,800 yen by showing your KINTETSU RAIL PASS plus)

*The price above is for the admission during illumination period

You can get many freebies and discounts at various facilities using KINTETSU RAIL PASS. Such an incredible railway pass, isn’t it?


*List of applicable facilities

Nabana no Sato is known for its spectacular illuminations and its beautiful flower gardens.

Begonia Garden, a premium area of Nabana no Sato, is filled with many beautiful flowers. Make sure to check this Instagenic spot when visiting this facility!

*You can visit this area for free with KINTETSU RAIL PASS

After strolling around the flower garden, we had our dinner and now it’s time for us to enjoy the illumination.

Nabana no Sato has been winning the first position for the best illumination in Japan for three consecutive years. As we expected, the illumination was not only tremendous, but also beautiful. We were very satisfied as we could take tons of extremely gorgeous pictures there.

Although we wanted to explore the illumination even more, we decided to leave earlier to rest at the hotel since we have to get up early the day after.