Rules to follow when taking pictures in Japan

Jun 27, 2020

Taking pictures while traveling around Japan is definitely a fun thing to do, but you must be careful as Japan has some different rules when it comes to photos.

Following these basic rules will definitely keep you out of hot water so stay tuned!

Selfie sticks are not allowed in general

Selfie stick is an extremely convenient tool, especially if you’re traveling alone, but using it in Japan is not a good idea as it can be dangerous in some situations.

Most sightseeing spots in Japan have a massive crowd, and using selfie sticks in such places can cause accidents. Indeed, most spots in Japan, including train platforms, have banned selfie sticks.

Be careful when taking pictures in temples and shrines

Taking pictures is allowed in most Japanese temples and shrines, but keep in mind that some areas prohibit any forms of photography.

Usually the areas are the main halls, where monks conduct sacred ceremonies.

In addition to the main halls, avoid taking pictures of wedding ceremonies, because those are private events and your actions might interrupt the whole wedding procession.

Residential Area: don’t take pictures of houses that are occupied

Japan has some cool neighborhoods; from the most traditional to the ultra modern ones, and they are definitely worth for the gram.

A street view picture will not be a problem, but if a house is your subject, then it might be a problem.

Japanese are very private and they don’t want their private territory exposed on social media platforms.

If you want to have a house or a building as a subject, make sure they are empty and abandoned.

Drones: use them in proper areas

Drones have become more affordable than they were before, and many people are interested in drone photography now.

Japan is blessed with tons of gorgeous and scenic views, and drones are perfect to capture these spectacular sceneries.

Too bad, cities with high population (including Tokyo and Osaka), public events, and many parks have banned the use of drones, and nighttime use of drones is prohibited as well.

You can still fly a drone in Japan in the mountainous or coastal areas, and you don’t need a license to do that.