Finding your extraordinary experience with the 370-Year-Old Weeping Sakura of Asuwa Shrine

May 07, 2021

Finding your extraordinary experience with the 370-Year-Old Weeping Sakura of Asuwa Shrine

According to our latest article, Enjoy watching 600 Sakura trees along Asuwa River at ‘Asuwayama Park’, we’re back today with our ‘Sakura’ cherry blossom article series. And  today we will introduce ‘Weeping Sakura of Asuwa Shrine’.

When spring comes, Japanese people will celebrate this season by enjoying ‘Hanami’, a traditional activity to see gorgeous flowers, especially Cherry Blossoms. Moreover, this time of the year is marked with the change or the new beginnings for Japanese people.

Today we will introduce Asuwa Shrine, one of the most beautiful cherry blossom spots located in downtown area of Fukui Prefecture, where is the location of a famous 370-Year-Old Weeping Sakura.

Let’s see how beautiful this Weeping Sakura tree is!

In Japan, countless species of the famous Sakura trees bloom every year, and also the Weeping Cherry blossoms, a special Japanese Sakura specie which Japanese people call ‘Shidarezakura’.

The prominent characteristic of Weeping Cherry Blossoms is that its branches are soft and easily blown away by the wind. This distinctive point makes it seem like a distant cousin of a weeping willow, the tree that most of us are familiar with. Due to its charming beauty, Weeping Cherry Blossoms became one of the most beloved Sakura specie in Japan.

At Asuwa Shrine in Fukui Prefecture, there is one imposing Weeping Cherry Blossom tree has been standing for over 370 years. With its majestic beauty and the long history, this 370-year-old cherry blossom tree was chosen, along with other Fukui City must-seeing cherry blossoms, as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom spots.

Asuwa Shrine was built by Emperor Keitai, the 26th legendary Emperor of Japan, since 1,500 years ago. It was believed that this shrine will bring good fortune in various aspects of life such as business, educational examination, childbirth and travel safety.

If you were finding somewhere like a place of beauty with a sumptuous Sakura tree, including a chance to improve your luck, well, this is a must-visit attraction for your trip!

Meanwhile, you can also visit the neighboring cafes or restaurants that are easy to find during the way to Asuwa Shrine. Some of which even offer ‘hanami’ flower-watching outdoor seating throughout the celebratory season!

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Information about Asuwa Shrine

  • 1 Chome-8-25 Asuwa, Fukui, 918-8007, Japan
  • 0776-36-0287
How to get there
  • From the JR Fukui Station, take a Keifuku bus on the Shimizu Green Line from platform 4 and get off at the Sanai Koen-guchi bus stop (around 5 minutes; 210 Yen or about $2 US)
  • From Sanai Koen-guchi bus stop, it will spend 5 minute-walk to the shrine
  • You can also walk directly from JR Fukui Station; it takes around 20 minutes.
Google Map

Asuwa Shrine Official Website (English)




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