Five local treats to try when visiting Oita!

Oct 11, 2019


Oita is in the Kyushu region and is surrounded by the sea and magnificent mountains. The prefecture is famous not only as a hosting prefecture of the Rugby World Cup 2019 but is also famous as a home to delicious treats made using locally grown meat, fish, and vegetables.

Today we introduce five local treats you should try when visiting Oita.


1. Toriten

Oita: Toriten

Toriten (chicken tempura) is a standard dish a family in Oita will serve for you if you’re asking for a local food.

Widely available through Oita prefecture, toriten is made by deep-frying large chunks of chicken battered in tempura coating. Popular for its crunchy texture and juiciness, people love to enjoy this dish with kabozu ponzu sauce and mustard.


2. Ryukyu

Oita: Ryukyu

Ryukyu; fresh sashimi marinated and preserved in a special shoyu (soy sauce) based sauce, is one of the most famous local specialties of Oita. Fish like yellowtail, mackerel, and horse mackerel are usually used to make Ryukyu. In addition to shoyu, ginger is also used to marinate the fish. Ryukyu is usually served as a side dish or served on a bed of rice.


3. Kokonoe Yume Pork Cutlet

Oita: Kokonoe Yume Pork Cutlet

Oita is not only famous for its fresh fish and sea products, but the prefecture is also famous for its delicious wagyu (Japanese beef) and pork meat. The next local treat we’d like to recommend is the Kokonoe Yume Pork Cutlet.

Just like its name, the pork meat used in this dish is locally produced in Kokonoe. You can find this dish at most local restaurants, and you can choose whether you’d like to have pork fillet or pork loin.

4. Genova (gelato)

Genova (gelato)

Genova is a gelato shop located inside the Sol Paseo Ginza Arcade and it is always crowded for almost everyday. The owner of this gelato shop is sure that his gelato is the best gelato in Japan, and it is true. So far, amongst all gelato we’ve tried in Japan before, Gelato is definitely the best!

We’ve tried four different flavors: pistachio + chocolate and cookies & cream + caramel.

All flavors are just well made; not too sweet and milky, and the texture is very soft.


5. Jigoku-mushiyaki Pudding

Jigoku-mushiyaki Pudding

Jigoku-mushiyaki pudding is one of the most popular kinds of Jigoku Mushiyaki, which is cooked in the hot spring steam. The pudding is usually a caramel custard pudding, but sometimes you can also find it in different flavors like banana, matcha, coffee, and other seasonal flavors.

The pudding has a rich and full flavor, and also soft and silky texture. The caramel sauce is slightly bitter, creating a well-balanced flavor when eaten together with the pudding.

In addition to the above dishes, there are more local treats in Oita you should try, including Tori Meshi (seasoned chicken steamed rice) and Beppu Reimen (Beppu style cold noodle), so why don’t you visit Oita and eat til’ you drop?

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