Best destinations to see Cosmos in Japan

Sep 20, 2023

Best destinations to see Cosmos in Japan

As a country with four seasons, Japan is fortunate to have various kinds of flowers blooming throughout the year. Particularly known for its beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, there are many flowers cherishing other seasons with its colorful petals, and Cosmos is one of them.

Cosmos flowers are known as Japan’s “autumn cherry blossoms”, particularly for its pinkish petals and beauty. There are numerous places to enjoy cosmos in Japan, and today, we’ve picked five of the best spots to enjoy cosmos in Japan!

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1. Kirin Beer Factory Cosmos Fields, Fukuoka

Kirin Beer Factory Cosmos Fields is a unique cosmos field, particularly for its location, which sits right by the Kirin Beer Factory in Fukuoka. Only at this place, you can enjoy both cosmos and beers, as the factory offers tours that educate visitors about the beer brewing process (in Japanese only) and beer tasting as well.

You can start your adventure here by seeing the flowers first, and end it with a few glasses of beer, or vice versa.

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2. Awaji Hanasajiki, Hyogo

Awaji Hanasajiki is a botanical garden in Awaji, Hyogo Prefecture, and at this garden you’ll find a wide range of flowers blooming here throughout the year, including poppies in spring, sunflowers in summer, and stock flowers in winter.

One of the best seasons to visit this garden is in the autumn, when the field is covered with cosmos flowers, which bloom from early October to early November, creating a pink ocean with their pink petals.

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3. Iwappara Cosmos Park, Niigata

Iwappara Cosmos Park is, at least for now, a hidden gem in Niigata best known for its beautiful cosmos flowers and lavish greens. The park is situated on a hill in the Uonuma City, a city in Japan that is best known for its extremely delicious rice and often referred to as snow country for its heavy snowfalls.

Many people visit the park to take pictures of the cosmos flowers with a mountain in the back, and due to its heavy snowfalls, the park is closed in the winter months. Therefore, visiting the park to see the cosmos is the perfect way to say goodbye to autumn.

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4. Taiyo no Oka at Engaru Park, Hokkaido

Engaru Park is a flower park located way up North of Hokkaido, in the Monbetsu region, and the park is best known for its Taiyo no Oka, a spot that is home to many varieties of cosmos, including the early-blooming Versailles Radiance Special, and the Double Click cosmos, which are known for their double conical petals.

The park entry is free, so make sure to stop by this place when you’re in the area for its incredibly beautiful cosmos.

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5. Showa Memorial Park, Tokyo

Showa Memorial Park is one of the best, and also one of the largest outdoor parks in Tokyo, where you can enjoy the beauty of four seasons throughout the year.

The park is known for its beautiful poppies in spring, and in autumn, many people visit this park for its ginkgo tree-lined avenue, which turns to a stunning gold and yellow hue.

Showa Memorial Park has over 5 million cosmos flowers blooming in autumn, covering the field with its beautiful pinkish petals.

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