Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in December 2023

Jan 08, 2024

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in December 2023

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in December 2023

The arrival of December always brings happiness to us, it’s the time of celebration, reunion, and relief. And it’s also the travel season that takes everyone to the new experience.

In the past December, Kintetsu Railway provided the best service to make our passengers fully enjoy their holiday. With the seasonal decoration on the train, everyone could experience the Christmas and New Year festival vibes while traveling.

And the delightful attractions will wait for you at the destination, such as Fushimi District, Naramachi ancient town, and the night illumination at Nabana no Sato.

So, let’s look back to December and appreciate all the memorable journeys in the “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in December 2023”.

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1. The Limited Express “Sakura Liner”, the train providing amazing journey [6 December 2023]

Last December, Kintetsu Railway provided a wonderful journey for all passengers traveling from Osaka-Abenobashi to Yoshino station with the limited express “Sakura Liner”.

Yoshino Town is famous for its enchanting Sakura blossoms. Inspired by this uniqueness, Sakura Liner’s exterior was designed in the cherry blossom’s white and pink colors, and the interior was decorated by the elegant Sakura pattern.

Inside the deluxe seats area, luggage racks and doors are made from the local woods and Japanese papers manufactured in Yoshino Town. These premium materials create a sense of luxury for passengers.

In addition, passengers can enjoy the stunning landscape from the sightseeing area located behind the driver’s zone! Appreciating the scenery while the train is running along the railway, you will feel like the breathtaking scenery is tangible.

Apart from the “Sakura Liner” train, other limited express trains, such as the “Blue Symphony”, also provide a pleasant journey.

For those who wish to cherish the Sakura scenery at Yoshino Town, the “Sakura Liner” is definitely a must!

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2. Take a sip of tasty Sake at “Fushimi Yume Hyakushu”, the vintage café in Fushimi District [12 December 2023]

Fushimi District in Kyoto Prefecture is famous for its cluster of Sake brewery shops and restaurants since ancient times.

After the 10-minute walking from Momoyama Goryo-mae, you will find the café and souvenir shop called “Fushimi Yume Hyakushu” (伏見夢百衆). This vintage café is under the long history’s sake company “Gekkeikan Sake” (月桂冠株式会社) which has established since Taisho Era.

In this charming sake café, you can enjoy the deliciousness of sake sets, cold brew coffee made from Japanese traditional fermented sake, and the Sake Lees Financier Cake.

If you visit Kyoto, don’t miss an opportunity to try the latest sake product at Fushimi Yume Hyakushu!

Fushimi Yume Hyakushu Café’s Map

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3. Watching the Golden Pyramid Night Illumination at Nabana no Sato [18 December 2023]

Let’s experience a breathtaking annual illumination event at “Nabana no Sato” in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture!

This year’s illumination theme, “The Golden Pyramid”, consists of three concepts: the Golden Pyramid, the Civilization of the Nile River, and the Legends of Egypt. You can appreciate the captivating brightness of the glowing illuminations while wandering along the walkway.

Moreover, you will be stunned by two popular zones, “the Tunnel of Lights” and “The Water Illumination”, which enhance new illuminations this year. Nabana no Sato’s illumination is guaranteed to light up your heart with the impressive night scenery. ✨

Nabana no Sato’s illumination event will be held until June 2, 2024!

  • The service buses transporting between Nabana no Sato and Kintetsu-Nagashima Station operate every 10 minutes throughout the event period.
  • Please note that the bus service from Kuwana Station to Nabana no Sato will be temporarily suspended during the event.
  • If you plan to visit Nabana no Sato between December 23-25, 2023, please be sure to purchase a special ticket in advance. This exclusive ticket is required for entry into the garden during this period.

* P.S. : No ticket sales at the entrance during December 23-25, 2023.

Nabana no Sato’s Map

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4. Celebrated Christmas Festival on the Blue Symphony Limited Express [25 December 2023]

During the Christmas Festival, Kintetsu Railway still eagerly operated, spreading happiness to all passengers.

Stepping into the festive atmosphere at the Blue Symphony Limited Express’s café bar, everyone could enjoy trying an exclusive winter menu, a mousse cake with Christmas vibes! This special cake is filled with chocolate mousse, decorated by three kinds of berries. The harmonious blend of these exquisite ingredients will deliciously melt in your mouth, taking you out of bored everyday life.

Traveling with the Christmas vibes of the Blue Symphony Limited Express on a nice weather day, our passengers celebrated the Christmas Festival with the utmost happiness.

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5. Trying Nara strawberry desserts at Naramachi district [27 December 2023]

Naramachi was the Kintetsu Railway’s recommended attraction in December. This ancient town district brims with various attractive ancient sites: shrines, temples, and antique shops. Moreover, this place can be easily accessed due to its location which is near the Kintetsu Nara Station.

On January 5th – February 29th 2024, Naramachi held a winter food fair as the theme of “Nara: The Strawberry Town”.

At “Naramachi Shofukuan” Japanese dessert café, you can try a special menu “Strawberry An-Kudzu Fondue”, a Shiratama flour and heart-shaped strawberry jelly dipped into “An-Kudzu” (Japanese arrowroot) or a homemade red bean paste, catering as a delightful fondue.

End up with the healthy ingredients, “Amazake made from Kochi rice”, delivering another level of surprising flavor to complete your meal!

In addition to the café mentioned above, you can experience the various tastes of other desserts made of Nara seasonal strawberries.

While strolling in Naramachi, don’t forget a chance to immerse yourself in “the happy strawberry time”.

Naramachi’s Map

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6. Kintetsu Railway extends our sincere gratitude for your support throughout 2023 [29 December 2023]

With the arrival of the New Year, Kintetsu Railway sincerely thanks all passengers who supported us in the past year, creating countless wonderful memories to cherish! 🥰

In 2024, we are committed to making greater efforts to spread the delightful charm of Kintetsu Railway. Please look forward to our progress and keep supporting us!

Sincerely hope everyone had a good time through the New Year Festival! ❤️

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