Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in October 2023

Nov 08, 2023

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in October 2023

The Kansai region offers a unique charm throughout both October and November. While November showcases the full splendor of Autumn, October’s beginning of cooler air and the blooming flowers is equally stunning.

Beyond the blossoms, there were plenty of delightful activities awaits, such as riding “Puka Puka Panda” monorail at Ikomasanjo Amusement Park, finding the iconic tiger statue “Kaiunbashi” at Chogosonshi-ji Temple, and watching the penguin feeding time at Osaka Aquarium ‘KAIYUKAN’.

Let’s take a nostalgic journey back to the delightful moments in the “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in October 2023”. ❤️

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1. Impressed with the blooming “Higanbana” at Asuka Station [4 Oct 2023]

Higanbana, also known as the Red Spider Lily, is a stunning fall flower that blooms along the railway near Asuka Station.

Due to this year’s hot weather, the Higanbana flowers bloomed a week later than their typical schedule.

This unique red flower is a rare plant that we can appreciate its beauty for only a brief period, usually from late September to early October.

In the past month, everyone who visited Asuka Station had the chance to admire the Higanbana flower’s natural beauty while waiting for a train, providing a wonderful time to their journey.

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2. Having fun with “Puka Puka Panda” monorail at Ikomasanjo Amusement Park [9 Oct 2023]

At Ikomasanjo Amusement Park in Nara Prefecture, you’ll find a beloved monorail known as “Puka Puka Panda”, which holds a special place in the hearts of children.

Due to the location that is atop of a mountain, this amusement park offers an awesome opportunity to soak in breathtaking scenery while enjoying the rides.

During the past month, visitors seated on the Puka Puka Panda’s gondola experienced a gentle and soothing ride, allowing them to appreciate every corner of this delightful amusement park. The gondola softly swayed, creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Moreover, while gazing into the distance, they could even see the cities in Osaka and Nara!

Beyond admiring the panoramic views from above the gondola, we highly recommend you to take a moment to admire the cute “Puka Puka Panda” from ground level as well.

Ikomasanjo Amusement Park’s Information

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3. Appreciating the breathtaking landscape of Katsuragi-kogen Highland [18 Oct 2023]

Japan’s weather has turned pleasantly cool in the beginning of October, implying the arrival of the fall season. 🍁

Among the plenty of fall foliage attractions in the Katsuragi-kogen Highland area, Gose City, Nara Prefecture, “the Suzuki Grass Field” (also known as the Pampas Grass Field or Miscanthus Field) is an absolute must-visit place! 🌾

Last month, the entire area of the Katsuragi-kogen Highland was magically dyed in a golden color, creating a breathtaking landscape.

According to Katsuragi-kogen Highland’s location at a high elevation of 959 meters, we could appreciate expansive scenery extending from Nara to Osaka on a nice weather day.

The gentle breeze on the Katsuragi-kogen Highland evoked a sense of seasonal change. 🍁

So, if you are the hiking lovers that plan to visit Katsuragi-kogen Highland in the late of year, don’t forget to wear comfortable hiking shoes when exploring Mount Katsuragi. 😉

How to access Katsuragi-kogen Highland
  • To access Katsuragi-kogen Highland, we recommend you to take the Kintetsu Railway train to “Kintetsu-Gose station”, and then transfer to a Nara Kotsu Bus heading to Katsuragi Ropeway-Mae bus station. After disembarking from the bus, you can board the Katsuragi Ropeway to reach the Katsuragi-Sancho ropeway station, providing access to the Katsuragi-kogen Highland.
Katsuragi-kogen Highland’s Map

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4. Admiring the Cosmos flower fields along the Blue Symphony train route [25 Oct 2023]

When a refreshing breeze gently touches our skin, it signifies that Autumn has arrived. During the last month, the vibrant Cosmos flowers adorned many areas of Nara Prefecture with their stunning blooms.

Embarking on a journey to Nara during this season offered the opportunity to witness the splendid spectacle of the Kintetsu Limited Express Sightseeing “Blue Symphony” in powerful motion.

This train ran on a picturesque route from Osaka to the southern part of Nara, passing breathtaking natural wonders like Yoshino Mountain and Asuka Village.

The flower fields that lay along the Blue Symphony train route painted the outside scenery in a vibrant tapestry of colors.

  • *P.S. This photo was taken last year.

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5. Finding the iconic tiger statue “Kaiunbashi” at Mount Shigi [26 Oct 2023]

Mount Shigi in Nara Prefecture was named by Prince Shotoku, which means “the magnificent sacred mountain”.

The Chogosonshi-ji Temple, situated atop this mountain, is also renowned as “the temple of Shigi Mountain”. This enchanting destination has been cherished by the Japanese people for generations, remaining a popular attraction to this day.

Moreover, Chogosonshi-ji Temple is renowned as a sacred place where pilgrims come to pray for good fortune. So, visitors can discover many statues of “Fukutora” (福寅) or “the tigers of fortune” scattered around the temple area.

The iconic wide mouth tiger statue, which is a popular landmark of this temple, is located at the Good Fortune Bridge known as “Kaiunbashi”.

Additionally, various other types of tiger statues can be found throughout the temple area.

Exploring the temple while searching for these tiger statues is a delightful and pleasant aspect of this journey. 🎵

Chogosonshi-ji Temple’s Map

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6. Delighted with the cute penguins at Osaka Aquarium ‘KAIYUKAN’ [30 Oct 2023]

Here is last month’s memorable moment when we visited the cute penguins in Osaka Aquarium ‘KAIYUKAN’. 🐧❤️ This amazing aquarium exhibited three penguin species: the Emperor Penguin, the Gentoo Penguin, and the Brush-tailed Penguin.

During feeding time, we had the incredible chance to admire these adorable penguins eagerly lining up for their meals.

After the delightful feast, these penguins jumped into the water for a refreshing bath. Swimming after a meal is a crucial activity that ensures the penguin’s good health.

The Penguin’s swimming posture was similar to a bird flying through the sky. Conversely, their slow charming walking posture on the ground was lovely as well.🎵

Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN’s Map

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