Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in September 2022

Sep 28, 2022

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in September 2022

September, the transition between Summer and Autumn, is the great time for doing many interesting activities in Japan. During this lively time, we can refresh ourselves with the green scenery of Mount Gozaisho, watch a dolphin show and a sea lion show, take the Kintetsu Railway’s “Spain Village train”, and ETC.

In this feature, we will show you the vibrant atmosphere of Japan’s September through “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in September”.


1. Traveling around Nagoya-Osaka by “Hinotori train” and “Urban liner” [5 September 2022]

Did you know that the Shinkansen is not the only train connecting Osaka and Nagoya?

Other trains connecting these towns are the Kintetsu Limited Express Trains : “Hinotori train” and “Urban liner”.

The Limited Express “HINOTORI”

The Limited Express “Urban Liner”

Taking the “Hinotori train” and the “Urban liner”, we can access Namba station directly without changing the line because these 2 trains run straight to Dotonbori in Namba, the central area of Osaka.

We recommend you to try taking the Kintetsu Limited Express to travel around “Nagoya-Osaka” once in your lifetime. ♪

Kintetsu Railway’s “HINOTORI” Official Website

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2. Brighten up your day by the fresh green scenery of Mount Gozaisho [8 September 2022]

Mount Gozaisho is a mountain in Mie prefecture that is beautiful in every season.

In summer, you can appreciate the fresh green scenery which gives a different feeling from snow scenery in winter or falling leaves scenery in Autumn.

The nice weather in summer will brighten up your day!

Mount Gozaisho’s Google Map

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3. Visiting Kami-shima Island, an unseen land in Toba City [12 September 2022]

Kami-shima Island is a deserted island in Toba City, Mie prefecture. We can access this place within 40 minutes by Toba Marine Terminal’s ferry.

Local people believe that Kami-shima Island is a spiritual spot where the gods reside.

Just travel a little far from the shore, you can meet the rich green nature of Kami-shima Island.

Kami-shima Island’s Map

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4. Meeting a cute deer and appreciating traditional culture at Nara Park [15 September 2022]

Nara Park is a place where you can relax with abundant nature and appreciate traditional culture.

Just at the moment you walk into Nara park’s area, you will meet a little deer eagerly waiting for a Japanese rice cracker “Senbei”!

From Kintetsu-Nara Station, Nara Park is accessible on foot as the distance is not far from each other.

If you plan to travel to Nara Park, taking the Kintetsu Railway is a great choice!

Nara Park’s Map

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5. Enjoy watching the performance of aquatic animals at Dolphin Island [22 September 2022]

Dolphin Island in Toba city, Mie prefecture, is a place where you can enjoy watching the performance of adorable aquatic animals, such as a dolphin show and a sea lion show.

If you are the one who is looking for relaxing activities to do in Mie, let’s come to Dolphin Island and enjoy the show of cute dolphins and sea lions!

According to accessibility, you can travel to Dolphin Island conveniently by a ferry from Toba Marine Terminal.

Dolphin Island’s Map

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6. Fascinated by the Spain Village train [27 September 2022]

Kintetsu Railway proudly presents the special train designed in Spain village theme, which is inspired by “Shima Spain Village” in Mie Prefecture.

This is the only one train of Kintetsu Railway that is decorated with this cute color and design. So, we can say that anyone who meets this Spain Village train is so lucky!

Reference : Kintetsu Railway English

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