Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in August 2022

Sep 02, 2022

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in August 2022

The cheerful season is coming! And you can feel the summer atmosphere in Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in August 2022 .

In this feature, we will take you to do summer activities in varied destinations in Kansai, such as teamLab★Botanical Garden, a beautiful sunflower field in Mie, Nabana no Sato Summer Illumination, and etc.

Let’s enjoy this delightful season together!

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1. Having a good time at an amusement park on Mount Ikoma [4 August 2022]

Mount Ikoma is a mountain located between the border of Osaka prefecture and Nara prefecture.

On the top of this mountain, there is an amusement park called “Ikomasanjo Amusement Park”

When the sun goes down, you can appreciate the fascinating night view of Osaka from Ikomasanjo Amusement Park.

Ikomasanjo Amusement Park’s Map

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2. Visiting the beautiful sunflower field at Shima, Mie Prefecture [8 August 2022]

Let’s visit the sunflower field in Tourist Farm at Shima, Mie Prefecture.

In summer, the sunflowers are blooming fully, all areas of this farm seem like the yellow ocean.

We can see a beautiful sunflower field covering the ground as far as the eye can see!

Shimashi Kankou Noen Tourist Farm’s Map (志摩市観光農園)

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3. teamLab open the new art space “teamLab★Botanical Garden” [16 August 2022]

teamLab already open the new art space called “teamLab★Botanical Garden” at Nagai park, Osaka prefecture!

The trees and flowers with illumination at night lights up Nagai Park as it looks beautiful in a different way from the daytime.

This amazing scenery will take your breath away ♪

Nagai Park’s Map

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4. Spending romantic time with the starry night sky on “ESPERANZA” [23 August 2022]

Let’s enjoy seeing the starry night sky on “ESPERANZA”, the ferry that will take you to go on a cruise around Kashiko Island, Mie Prefecture.

This season is the perfect time for the night cruise, so don’t miss a chance to experience Ise-shima’s atmosphere in the wonderful summer!

ESPERANZA Ferry terminals Map

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5. Fascinated by the charming scenery at “Nabana no Sato Summer Illumination 2022” [30 August 2022]

Here it comes!! “Nabana no Sato Summer Illumination 2022”, the illumination event held every year, will take place again at Nabana no Sato flower garden in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture. This year’s event is the third time of this summer’s illumination.

If you have a chance to visit this event, don’t miss “The Milky Way (Ame no gawa)”, the lightning over a pond in the center of the park, which is a highlight of this illumination event.

In addition, there are Japanese umbrellas decorated around the pond that enhance the Japanese atmosphere.

With all elements, the summer illumination is beautiful in a different way from the winter Illumination.

The lights reflecting on the water’s surface and the night sky are the marvelous scenery you shouldn’t miss! 

Nabana no Sato flower garden’s map

Reference : KRW En Kintetsu Railway

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