Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in August 2023

Sep 04, 2023

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in August 2023

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in August 2023

Summer is a season that always leaves an everlasting impression, but you can make your journey even more remarkable by traveling with Kintetsu Railway. This train will transport you to the enchanting region of ‘Kansai.’

In the “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in August 2023”, we invite you to revisit our past summer, reliving the cheerful and vibrant atmosphere of this season through our exploration of various captivating destinations, such as a sunflower farm, the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, and the charming Oshawott train.

Let’s travel back to our beautiful summer together!

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1. Watching the blooming flowers at Hana House in Fujiwara-Kyuseki [2 August 2023]

Even on a hot summer day, the flowers at “Hana House” still bloom stunningly.

The period from late July to early August is the most enchanting time to admire the blooming flowers at Hana House, located in Fujiwara-Kyuseki, Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture.

In the year 694, Fujiwara-Kyuseki was the site of Heijokyo, Japan’s first capital, which eventually became Nara. Besides, we can appreciate the scenery of Mount Yamato Katsuragi and Mount Nijo from here.

Despite the hot and dry summer weather, the flowers in Hana House display an elegant bloom.

To cope with the heat, we recommend you to prepare sun protection items. Importantly, it’s essential to begin your trip in the morning, as the lotus flowers in Hana House always droop in the afternoon.

Fujiwara-Kyuseki’s Map

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2. Appreciating the sunflower-blooming scenery at Shima City Tourist Farm [7 August 2023]

The best season to appreciate sunflowers in the Kansai Region is during the late July to August.

The Shima City Tourist Farm in Mie Prefecture is currently showcasing stunning full-bloom sunflowers! This farm provides a warm welcome to all visitors, offering the chance to admire the beauty of each season’s flowers. By the way, please make sure to check the timetable for flower-watching.

To capture wonderful memories with your friends, Shima City Tourist Farm is a photogenic attraction perfect for taking photos.

If you travel to Ise-Shima, don’t miss the opportunity to cherish the breathtaking sunflower-blooming scenery at Shima City Tourist Farm!

Shima City Tourist Farm’s Map

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3. Refreshing yourself at Akame 48 Waterfalls [11 August 2023]

Akame 48 Waterfalls is a captivating tourist destination located in Mie Prefecture, surrounded by the relaxing atmosphere of the wonderful nature.

The meaning of number ‘48’ in the Japanese name of ‘Akame 48 Waterfalls’ is derived from the abundance of cascades that meander through the forest, totaling over 50 small waterfalls.

The forest features a pathway specially designed for nature sightseeing, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery. Even on a hot summer day, the visitors can be relished by the stunning nature and refreshed by the negative ions emitted from the waterfalls, making Akame 48 Waterfalls a popular tourist spot.

Throughout the year, this enchanting attraction offers diverse delights to behold. In the spring, the surroundings come alive with beautiful cherry blossoms, while autumn presents a stunning fall foliage.

The ever-changing charm of each season attracts visitors to frequently return to witness the magical beauty of Akame 48 Waterfalls.

Akame 48 Waterfalls’s Map

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4. Finding the cute Oshawott and the hidden Poké Balls on the Oshawott Train [15 August 2023]

Oshawott Train

In December 2021, Oshawott was certified as Mie Prefecture’s Mascot Pokémon!

The captivating “Oshawott Train” decorated with Oshawott’s charm is currently in operation along the route between Ise-Nakagawa Station and Kashikojima Station in Mie Prefecture.

Oshawott Train Kintetsu Railway

The entire train is decorated with cute depictions of Oshawott in various poses. Inside the train, you can find hidden Poké Balls and other Pokémon besides Oshawott, guaranteeing an exciting experience just by riding!

Also, you can find more Oshawott at Toba Station and Kashikojima Station where the “Oshawott Train’ stops.

Come and take a trip to Ise-shima in Mie Prefecture while riding the “Oshawott Train!”

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5. Enjoying the marine animals feeding and trying the Jinbei Soft at Osaka Aquarium ‘KAIYUKAN’ [21 August 2023]

“Feeding Times for Marine Animals” stands out as one of the fun activities available for visitors at Osaka Aquarium ‘KAIYUKAN’. During this session, you will have a chance to observe the eating behaviors of various marine creatures and gain insights into their food preferences. 💙

“The whale shark” takes the spotlight as the world’s largest marine animal. A fully-grown whale shark typically reaches an average length of 12 meters. Their food mainly consists of plankton, which they consume at approximately 8 kilograms per day.

Capture the breathtaking moment of a whale shark eating a food with its mouth wide open – a shot that deserves a perfect score of 100 points! 👍

After enjoying the marine animals feeding, we highly recommend you to try “Jinbei Soft”, a delightful dessert inspired by the magnificent whale shark. This soft serve ice-cream has gained significant popularity and becomes a must-try dessert of this aquarium. 🎵

If you have an opportunity to visit KAIYUKAN during the summertime, please don’t hesitate to try the delicious “Jinbei Soft”! 🍦💙

  • ※ P.S. : Access to the backyard area of the whale shark feeding zone requires an additional fee.
Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN’s Map

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6. Admiring the summer sky at “Plaza Güell”, Shima Spain Village [31 August 2023]

Let’s enjoy the brilliance of the summer sky at “Plaza Güell”, Shima Spain Village! ☀️☁️

Plaza Güell’s construction draws inspiration from Park Güell, the famous tourist attraction in Spain. Shima Spain Village, which is the location of Plaza Güell, beckons with a variety of theme parks and beautiful photo spots that create the ambiance of Spain.

Such a perfect destination for a delightful summer day trip!

If you come to Mie, don’t miss an opportunity to visit Shima Spain Village.

And as you soak in the summer vibes, remember to avoid the heat to ensure your comfort and well-being. 🎵

Shima Spain Village’s Map

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