Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in February 2023

Feb 27, 2023

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in February 2023

Spring is coming now! But before going to appreciate the Spring atmosphere, we will take you back to the last period of Japan Winter in “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in February 2023”.

In this article, you can visit “the Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple”, the temple that was built to protect the Demon Gate in front of Ise Grand Shrine. And then you can admire the wonderful frozen trees at Mount Gozaisho.

However, we will provide you with recommendations of many facilities, such as Nara Shika Train, The Sightseeing Limited Express “Shimakaze”, and AQUAIGNIS onsen resort’s ‘Tsujiguchi Strawberry Farm’.

Let’s look back to the beauty of Japan Winter in Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in February 2023 before enjoying the Spring season!


1. Receiving the sacred blessing at Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple [16 February 2023]

Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple is located near the Ise Grand Shrine, Mie prefecture. According to Japanese folklore, this temple was built to protect the Demon Gate in front of Ise Grand Shrine.

Even the traditional Japanese song called “the Ondo song” has a verse saying that those who come to Ise Grand Shrine must also visit this temple.


“If you worship to the deity at Ise Grand Shrine,
please worship at the Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple too.”

So, if you plan to come to the Ise Grand Shrine, we recommend you to complete the travel route by visiting “Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple”. You will fully receive the blessed feeling from this sacred place.

Asamadake Kongoshoji Temple’s Map

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2. Admiring the wonderful frozen trees at Mount Gozaisho [21 February 2023]

Mount Gozaisho, Mie prefecture, is famous for its different beautiful scenery throughout four seasons. Especially in the winter, everyone will feel like entering into the charming world of silvery white landscape. Most of all, you can appreciate the pure white frozen trees in this season.

“Frozen trees” is a nature created art happening during January to February, which is the best time that all aspects of natural factors; the weather and the temperature, easily affect this phenomenon. If you find frozen trees, please be noted that you are a very lucky person!

By the way, the snowy mountains seen from Gozaisho Ropeway is another scenery that will take your breath away! The beautiful scenery you have seen on this trip will become a good memory for a long time.

If you have an opportunity to visit Mie, let’s experience Mt. Gozaisho with the winter atmosphere once!

Mount Gozaisho’s Map

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3. Finding the cute Nara Shika Train in Nara [22 February 2023]

Nara Shika Train is a special limited express fully packed with the charms of Nara Prefecture. This special train started operating in December 2022. This train is decorated with the deer illustrations that profoundly convey the attractiveness of Nara.

The exterior of the train is full of the beautiful patterns of Nara scenery and Shika Deer, and the interior of this train also has a cute little deer pattern.

The seat design was inspired by the deer’s white spots.

In addition, there is a small deer perching on the top of the train handles, making this train overloaded with cuteness!

According to the train route, Nara Shika Train runs from Nara Station to Kobe-Sannomiya Station.

Anyone who travels along this route, let’s try looking for this cute train!

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4. Experiencing the luxury trip with the sightseeing limited express “Shimakaze” [24 February 2023]

The Sightseeing Limited Express “Shimakaze” runs through Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and the Ise-Shima area of Mie Prefecture.

The train interior has luxurious designed features; the premium seat made from a genuine leather material, making passengers feel comfortable while sitting; and the gap between each passenger seat that is wider than a normal train, increasing more usable space. In addition, the Shimakaze train seats are equipped with a massage function that is extremely effective in relieving travel fatigue.

Let’s move to “Cafe Zone”. At this zone, you can enjoy admiring the beautiful scenery outside the window while having a nice meal on the train.

Another special thing about Shimakaze train is that passengers will receive a travel certificate as a remembrance of the good memories of this sightseeing train!

If you have an opportunity to visit the Ise-Shima area, let’s experience the luxury trip with the sightseeing limited express “Shimakaze” !

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5. Enjoy the strawberry harvesting at TSUJIGUCHI FARM, AQUAIGNIS Onsen Resort [27 February 2023]

AQUAIGNIS is the Onsen Resort with the theme of “Healing” and “Dining” where you can easily access by walking around 8 minutes from the Kintetsu Yunoyama Line’s Yunoyama Onsen Station.

The special activity you can participate in from December to early June every year is “the strawberry harvesting” at TSUJIGUCHI FARM, the strawberry farm located inside AQUAIGNIS area.

The strawberries in this farm had been cultivated delicately. There are 16 varieties of strawberries to choose, so everyone can enjoy comparing each strawberry’s flavor for 40 minutes.

If you want to visit TSUJIGUCHI FARM, you can conveniently access this destination by taking the Kintetsu Railway from Kintetsu-Nagoya Station within one hour.

In addition, if you need more convenience, you can take the Kintetsu Limited Express that runs directly from Osaka-Namba Station to Kintetsu-Nagoya Station without having to change trains.

For those who dream about experiencing a special journey in Japan that far beyond just the tourism, we recommend you to visit “AQUAIGNIS” once. You will certainly fall in love with this place!

  • ※ If you want to participate in the strawberry harvesting, we recommend you to make a reservation via phone or website.

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