Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in November 2022

Dec 08, 2022

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in November 2022

When the autumn breeze came to Japan, nature changed their color from green to yellow or orange, then finally became the bright red, creating the colorful scenery catching all visitor’s eyes.

Today, we will take you to Japan to admire the wonderful fall foliage scenery in the past month, which will impress you so much that you may think about planning a trip to Japan in Fall next year.

Let’s enjoy Japan’s Fall atmosphere in “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in November 2022” !


1. Let’s sway with a Cosmos field in the autumn breeze [3 November 2022]

The mid to late October period is the best time to visit the cosmos fields at “Shima City Tourist Farm” in Mie prefecture.

At this place, you can enjoy watching a cosmos field swaying in the autumn breeze, it looks beautiful like a precious painting.

Walking up the hill, we will be able to admire the wonderful scenery of Cosmos flowers covering the field. It looks like a masterpiece painting.

Shima City Tourist Farm’s Map

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2. Sending your love through “The Post Box in the Sky” at Ise-Shima Skyline [7 November 2022]

“The Post Box in the Sky” is a landmark of Ise-Shima Skyline, Mie Prefecture. Everyone can find this cute postbox at the Asama Mountain Observation Deck, Shima City.

The bright red mailbox standing dominantly among the background of the clear blue sky is such a beautiful photogenic scenery.

So, don’t miss a chance to take a photo of this postbox in front of the blue sky and post it on your Instagram!

Asama Mountain Observation Deck’s Map

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3. Admiring the beautiful nature while cycling around Asuka Village [10 November 2022]

“Asuka Village” is the place where we can appreciate the beautiful nature of Nara prefecture and fully receive the freshness.

The activity we recommend you to try when visiting here is renting a bicycle and cycling around Asuka Village while admiring the beautiful nature.

We guarantee that this activity will make you feel fully relaxed.

If you want to see more details about cycling around Asuka Village, you can continue reading the 5th topic of this article. >> 1-day trip in Nara with Kintetsu Rail Pass 5 day

Asuka Village’s Map

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4. Enchanted by Lunar eclipse at the Suzaka Gate, Nara Prefecture [18 November 2022]

Japan is one of the countries where we could watch a lunar eclipse clearly on November 8, 2022. The total lunar eclipse above the Suzaku Gate at Heijo-Kyo city, Nara Prefecture, is a fantastic combination.

This scenery gives a sense of the different spacetime, like it can take us to the unknown world.

Heijo Palace Remains’ Map

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5. Appreciating the nighttime fall foliage at Toji Temple [23 November 2022]

“Toji Temple”, Kyoto prefecture, is the place where we can enjoy admiring the yellow and red maple leaves below the soft moonlight. The nighttime autumn leaves are astonishingly beautiful in a different way from the daytime.

After the sunset, the illumination will be lit up around this temple, brightening “the Five-Storied Pagoda”, one of the national treasures of Japan, that is surrounded by the colorful maple trees.

The water surface nearby is like a mirror reflecting this wonderful picture. It is so beautiful that we can’t take our eyes out of this magical scenery.

This autumn, let’s enjoy appreciating the nighttime fall foliage at Toji Temple, which will give a different atmosphere from the daytime.

Toji Temple’s Map

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6. Taking a train to watch the Japanese Enkianthus at Yamato-Kamiichi Station [29 November 2022]

If you want to travel somewhere you can appreciate the beauty of “Japanese Enkianthus” (or “Dodan Tsutsuji” in Japanese), your next tourist destination must be Kintetsu Railway’s “Yamato-Kamiichi Station” in Nara!

At this station, you will see the amazing scenery of beautiful red blooming flowers!

Moreover, you can also admire other varied flowers while taking a train along the Yoshino line.

So, let’s enjoy the wonderful scenery outside a train window!

Yamato-Kamiichi Station’s Map

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