Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in June 2024

Jul 09, 2024

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in June 2024

This June has a lot of interesting, expectantly the beauty of flowers blooming this season!

An article in which we will present new news from Japan that was sent directly from Kintetsu Railway and this time we will update the story in June 2024.

Let’s see “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in June 2024” now!


1. See the spectacular hydrangeas along the Kintetsu Yoshino Line. [28 June 2024]

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in June 2024
The season of drizzle rain has begun to cover all of Japan, bringing steamy days under the bright sunlight.

The rainy season is also known as the ‘Season of Hydrangea’. Along the Kintetsu Yoshino Line, hydrangeas in various colors are blooming vibrantly.

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in June 2024
Along the Yoshino Line, various seasonal flowers are planted along the railway. When getting off the train, don’t forget to check out the view around the station. 🥰

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in June 2024

2.Enjoy the beautiful scenery with Blue Symphony

If you want to enjoy the scenery more comfortably on the train to Yoshino, we recommend the “Blue Symphony” limited express train by Kintetsu Railway.

This train runs between Osaka Abenobashi Station from central Osaka and arrives at Yoshino Station in Nara prefecture.

“Blue Symphony Express” is meticulously designed from the luxurious seats to the meticulously decorated decorations in various aspects. This train is a new design based on the 6200 series electric commuter train, which began operating in the fall of 2006. 

The exterior of the train is designed in a luxurious dark blue. Inside, everyone’s comfort is prepared with spacious seating and retro-style furniture as seen in the photo above. 

And the train will consist of 3 passengers. Inside the 1st and 3rd seats are divided into single-seat and double-seat rows.

If you want more info, read this!

Therefore, for anyone who wants to discover the natural beauty that is so stunning and cannot be compared anywhere else. We recommend that everyone take the Blue Symphony to Yoshino at least once. 😊

Reference : Kintetsu Railway English

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