Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in May 2024

Jun 09, 2024

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in May 2024

In Japan, May was truly a bright and exciting month!

In May, everyone went to see Ishibutai Kofun, which has a long history, and visited Nara by hopping aboard the Ikoma Cable Car, Japan’s oldest cable car, visited the blooming season of azaleas in Gozaisho Sanjo Park, and stayed at Hotel Shima Spain Mura.

And if you can’t wait any longer, let’s see “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in May 2024” now!


1. Explore traces of Japanese history at Ishibutai Kofun at Asuka Village [2 May 2024]

Asuka Village in Nara Prefecture is known as the birthland of Japan and where the “Ishibutai Kofun”, Japan’s greatest tomb is built. The tomb is formed from over 30 rocks, with an approximate weight of 2,300 tons.

With the wide, flat surface stone on the top part, the tombstone resembles a theater stage, earning its name “Ishibutai (Stone Stage)” Whether from the outside or inside, its gigantic size is truly overwhelming!

Around the tomb is a cycling course, where you can cycle along the serene natural scenery while exploring several interesting spots.

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2.Take the Ikoma Cable Car to visit popular places in Ikoma [7 May 2024]

Japan’s first cable car created by using the country’s technologies, “Ikoma Cable Car”, is a historic public transport that entered its 100 years anniversary in 2018.

Ikoma Cable Car is built in 6 different designs, and some of them can also play cheerful music inside too.

The cable car operating between Toriimae Station~Hozonji Station, which can be accessed with just a short walk from Ikoma Station, “Bull” the dog cable car and “Mi-ke” the cat cable car also exchange cute greetings as they pass each other.

When you are traveling with “Bull” or “Mi-ke”, please be sure to greet them together!

Ikoma cable car map: https://www.kintetsu.co.jp

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3.See the amazing views of the blooming season of azaleas in Gozaisho Sanjo Park [15 May 2024]

A perfect season of blooming blossoms and fresh green leaves has arrived.

The blooming season of azaleas in Gozaisho Sanjo Park, Mie Prefecture has begun. The azaleas bloom starting from the leaves and followed by the flowers. Witness the rising natural scenery, relaxing your mind and your heart in the brightening atmosphere of mixed light green leaves and soft white blossoms.

After the azaleas, it will be the blooming time of Enkianthus, and Redvein Enkianthus on Gozaisho Mountain. And will stay until the mid – June.

Let’s take a ride on the ropeway and meet the flowers on the Gozaisho Mountain together!

※In the post is the picture from last year.

Access to Gozaisho Ropeway :

Take the Kintetsu train from Yunoyama-onsen Station, then ride the bus from Yunoyama-onsen stop to Gozaisho Ropeway Mae.

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4.Relax in Spanish style at Hotel Shima Spain Mura at Shima Spain Village [31 May 2024]

Enjoy the atmosphere of Spain’s resort at Shima Spain Village

“Shima Spain Village” the village located in Mie Prefecture is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. “Hotel Shima Spain Mura” has arranged the special “30th” flower letters in the lobby grand lobby. 

Together with the new renewal room “Buen Viaje (Have a good trip)” to 30th Anniversary exclusively for this celebratory event! Using the warm tone as an accent color helps fill the room with the vibe of the sun. From tiles to interiors, the whole room is delicately decorated to match Spain’s atmosphere. From the room, you can see the view of the beautiful blue sea.

After enjoying the theme park, we recommend you stop by the Spain Shima Village and relax in the charm of Spain!


Ride a bus from Ugata Station (Approximately 13 minutes)

Read more about Spain Shima Village :


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