See the seasonal flowers at Nabana no Sato, a large-scale floral park in Mie

May 19, 2023

See the seasonal flowers at Nabana no Sato, a large-scale floral park in Mie

“Let’s experience the beauty of seasonal flowers at Nabana no Sato!”

seasonal flowers at Nabana no Sato

Opened in Kuwana, Mie in 1998, Nabana no Sato is a large-scale floral park that is known as one of Mie’s most popular sightseeing spots, with numerous visitors flocking in to it throughout the year.

The park has several gardens offering breathtaking views of a huge variety of flowers and vegetation all year round, but spring and summer are the best time to visit this park, as you can see beautiful flowers like roses, begonia, hydrangea and iris flowering across this gigantic park.

Nabana no Sato is a part of Nagashima Resort, a commercial facility in Mie that has everything including an amusement park, hot spring facilities, a water park, a mall, restaurants, and a flower park, making it a perfect spot to visit if you’re looking for everything in one location.

If you’re searching for a breathtaking natural haven in Mie to appreciate the beauty of nature, let’s get to know this exquisite flower garden!


1. How to get to Nabana no Sato

You can reach Nabana no Sato from major train stations in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, and Nagoya using the Kintetsu Rail Pass Plus, a five-day pass that gives you unlimited train rides on all Kintetsu lines and Iga Tetsudo train lines, and also unlimited bus rides on Nara Kotsu and Mie Kotsu bus lines within the designated zone. This pass also gives you discounts and special benefits at approximately 70 facilities.

You can reach Nabana no Sato from Tsu Station or Nagoya Station using the Kintetsu Limited Express in about thirty minutes. The closest train stations from Nabana no Sato are Kintetsu Kuwana Station and Kintetsu Nagashima Station.

There is a direct shuttle bus departing from Nagashima Station to the park for only 220 yen one way, and if you have a Kintetsu Railway Pass, you can get on this shuttle bus for free. (In illumination season, the shuttle bus departs from Nagashima station, while in other seasons, the bus departs from Kuwana station.)

In addition to that, you can also reach the facility from both train stations with a taxi, which costs around one-to-two-thousand-yen one way.

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2. Admissions to Nabana no Sato

Admissions to Nabana no Sato cost differently in every season, but you can check their website to verify the latest price. The admission fee includes a 1,000 yen gift certificate you can use inside the park.

Regular Admission Fee

Seasons Fee
Regular season 1,700 yen
Illumination season 2,500 yen

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3. Flower festivals to enjoy at Nabana no Sato from May to June

From May to June, there are several flower festivals to enjoy when you’re visiting the park, which are :

  • Spring Rose Festival
    • The Spring Rose Festival is held from early May to mid-June at the rose garden inside the Begonia Garden, featuring over 900 kinds of roses.
  • Hydrangea Festival
    • The Hydrangea Festival is held from late May to late July at Tunnel of Lights, a 200 meters long tunnel formed by small petal-shaped LED lights that shine beautifully at night. During the festival, both sides of the tunnel will be filled with hydrangea and iris flower pots.

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4. Enjoy seeing colorful flowers at the Begonia Garden!

Inside the park, there is a gigantic indoor garden called ‘Flower Garden in the Andes: Begonia Garden’, which is a 9,000 m2 greenhouse exhibiting various kinds of flowers and plants.

There are approximately 12,000 flowers blooming throughout the year, especially begonias, creating an aesthetically pleasing scenery for all the visitors.

In the middle of the greenhouse, there is a giant pond decorated with colorful plants around it, with colorful flowers hanging above it, making it a great spot for taking some Instagenic pictures.

There are also small succulent plants displayed inside this indoor garden, aren’t they so cute?

The garden is a great spot for you to avoid the cold in the winter and the hot in the summer, as the temperature inside is warmer than outside. There is also a cozy cafe inside selling drinks and seasonal sweets, where you can take a break while enjoying the vibrant surroundings.

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5. See over 900 kinds of roses at the Spring Rose Festival inside the Begonia Garden

Rose is perhaps the most common flower that we all know, but despite being general, there are a lot of varieties of rose that we don’t really see in daily lives. At Nabana no Satos’s Spring Rose Festival, we can see over 900 kinds of roses displayed at the rose garden inside the Begonia Garden every year, covering the 7,950 square metres garden with its colorful flowers and pleasant rich scents.

The Spring Rose Festival lasts from early May to mid-June, featuring a beautiful natural landscape of roses, bushes, and rocks. The roses exhibited here are divided into three types based on its tree shapes, which are: standing (tree roses and bush roses), semi-climbing (shrub roses), and climbing (climbing rose). In addition, there are also 15 varieties of roses inducted to the Rose Hall of Fame at this garden.

Roses are most commonly associated with love and romance, but actually the meaning differs depending on its color, which are:

  • Red
    Red roses symbolize romance, love, beauty, and courage. A red rosebud means beauty and purity, and a thornless red rose means love at first sight.
  • Yellow
    Yellow roses symbolize new beginnings, friendship, and joy.
  • Orange
    Orange roses symbolize fascination, desire, and sensuality.
  • Pink
    Pink roses show appreciation and gratitude, especially dark pink roses. Light pink roses usually show admiration and/or sympathy.
  • White
    White roses show innocence and purity, silence, secrecy, and reverence. White rosebuds symbolize girlhood.

The rose garden opens at night too, offering a very romantic vibe, which is perfect for couples to enjoy while walking through the park.


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6. Walk through the tunnel of lights while enjoying the gorgeous views of hydrangeas and irises

The Hydrangea Festival at Nabana no Sato lasts from late May to late June, and is held at the Tunnel of Lights, a 200 meters tunnel formed by small petal-shaped LED lights that shine gorgeously at night.

The festival features over 300 pots of hydrangea coming from several varieties, including mophead hydrangeas and mountain hydrangeas. Not only in blue, the hydrangeas exhibited here also come in different colors, including pink, baby pink, baby blue, white, and lilac.

In addition to the hydrangeas, you can also enjoy seeing the beautiful irises, which are identical to summer in Japan.

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7. End your night by interacting with the fireflies at the Firefly Festival!

In addition to the flower festivals, Nabana no Sato also holds a Firefly Festival from late May to early July every year, featuring fireflies in the garden.

This natural phenomenon, which can be enjoyed after the sunset, is hard to find when you’re visiting big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, so how about ending your day at this park by interacting with these cute fireflies?

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