Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in January 2024

Feb 09, 2024

Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in January 2024

After enjoying New Year’s holiday and celebration time, the dawn of 2024 has marked a new chapter! It brought refreshing and hopeful vibes that inspired people to do new things.

So are we! Kintetsu Railway intends to take you to extraordinary experiences through our services. Whether it’s exploring famous attractions, discovering amazing local cuisines, or attending seasonal events, our offerings will leave invaluable memories that remain in your heart.

Now, let’s look back to the past January to cherish our new beginning vibes together in “Kintetsu Railway Monthly News in January 2024”.

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1. Come join the new journey with Kintetsu Railway! [1 January 2023]

As 2024 began, Kintetsu Railway was committed to continually bring various pleasant contents to you all. They will show you the charm of Kansai Region in every dimension through captivating photos and videos, and take you to know every element of all attractions.

Moreover, Kintetsu Railway aimed to provide the best service to make all passengers fully receive happiness throughout the journey.

So, please keep following Kintetsu Railway Monthly news to experience wonderful adventures in Kansai together! 😊

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2. Experience the warm winter at Dorogawa Onsen [17 January 2023]

This year’s winter season in Nara is called “the warm winter”.

When the winter season is coming, we can see different unique sceneries of each area.

One enchanting location is “Dorogawa Onsen” (洞川温泉), the onsen village located on a mountain in the southern part of Nara Prefecture at an elevation of 820 meters. Traveling to this place, you will be impressed by the breathtaking scenery along the sideway, with roofs covered by a blanket of white snow. The weather transitions seamlessly from cool to cold, creating an awesome experience

This onsen village exposes an ancient charm, Japanese ryokans and old shops creates a sense of reminiscence to the Showa Era.

After sunset time, the whole town comes alive with the glow of lanterns, giving a magical warm feeling even in winter. The illuminated street evokes an atmosphere of ancient time.

For your unforgettable winter experience in Japan, we highly recommend “Dorogawa Onsen”. 👍

  • *FYI, this photo was taken last year.
How to access Dorogawa Onsen
  • You can access Doragawa Onsen by taking a bus from the Kintetsu Shimoichiguchi Station (下市口駅) around 1 hour.
Doragawa Onsen’s Map

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3. Appreciating the breathtaking sunrise at Yokoyama Observation Deck [19 January 2023]

In the past month, Kintetsu Railway took everyone to experience the breathtaking sunrise scenery at “Yokoyama Observation Deck” in Shima City, Mie Prefecture.

The stunning landscape of “Ago Bay” unfolded in front of us. Its Ria coastline geographical characteristic was rarely found in Japan, this peninsula consisted of approximately 60 islands scattered across the bay, including different heights of coasts stretching into the bay.

As the morning sun rose up, Ago Bay’s scenery was more gorgeous as the magical sunbeams created enchanting light and shadow across the islands.

However, the afternoon and evening sceneries were stunning as well.

If you have a chance to visit Shima City, please come witness this charming landscape with your own eyes.

Yokoyama Observation Deck’s Map

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4. Katada Inari Shrine, a perfect place for making a pilgrimage and admiring the stunning scenery [26 January 2023]

Japanese people believe that the God of Fishing lives within the “Katada Inari Shrine” (片田稲荷神社), the sacred shrine in Shima City, Mie Prefecture. Besides, the shrine is famous for its 48 ceiling paints created by “Nomura Totsusai” (野村訥斎) and his disciples.

If you have a chance to travel to Shima City, let’s go visit Katada Inari Shrine to make a pilgrimage to the deity while relaxing with a fresh seaside breeze.

How to access Katada Inari Shrine
  • After arriving at the Kintetsu Railway’s Utaga Station, take a 30-minute bus ride to Katadainari-mae bus stop. The Katada Inari Shrine is located right in front of the bus stop.
Katada Inari Shrine’s Map

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5. Be amazed by the 8,000 pansy flowers at Abe Monjuin Temple [29 January 2023]

“Abe Monjuin Temple” (安倍文殊院) in Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, is renowned for its annual Pansy Decoration Event which 8,000 pansy flowers are aesthetically arranged to present the Chinese Zodiac of that year.

In 2024, the Chinese Zodiac is “The Dragon Year”. 🐉

The Chinese Zodiac flower pattern of this year symbolizes the wish to exorcise all disasters. It was designed in the shape of a dragon holding Bodhisattva Manjusri’s magic sword.

Besides, Abe Monjuin Temple is also known for its significance in “praying about examinations”, making it a destination for students who are during exam season. For this reason, pansy flowers are decorated as a pattern of Japanese word ‘合格’, which means ‘pass an exam’.

For a panoramic view of the flower arts, we recommend you to explore a scenic point where a hermit named “Abe no Seimei” performs fortune-telling.

How to access Abe Monjuin Temple
  • Take a bus from Kintetsu Railway’s Sakurai station, which takes approximately 10 minutes to arrive at Abe Monjuin Temple.
Abe Monjuin Temple’s Map

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